3 songs three songs by Jim Beer

Hello fellow travelers. I can think of no better to way to begin this journey than these three songs, written and performed by Jim Beer, musician and former Spokesman for the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. The first, “Living Prophesy” is the musical inspiration for the story–especially in regards to the “raging storm” of technology that threatens to disconnect our youth from their own potential. The second, “Calling My Name” relates to the voices that awaken our hearts–voices of our ancestors who call upon us to pursue and preserve what is True and Right in a world that often seems foreign to either. The last is “Kishelamukong”, a chant honoring the Creator–tho One who created the Universe in thought. It is this song Alonqua sings at the death ceremony of his guardian, Mawenteh. The chant speaks for itself.

Here they are–

My deepest thanks to Jim Beer for his permission to use his music to be the first drumbeats–the first of what is hoped to be many more.
Comments and insights relating to any or all of these songs are strongly invited. As I think I can think of no purer way for a village to rise into being.